Despite the Rovers United and Bruck merger only beginning it’s sixth season, there are plenty of remarkable personal achievements continuing to be ticked off by players across all grades.
Here is a list of a few upcoming personal milestones from players across all grades.
Please note that these are only during the MyCricket Era (2000ish onwards) and only for Bruck, Rovers United or Rovers United Bruck. Some players have played matches for other sides.
A Grade
Vance Curran – 173 Runs away from 3500 in A Grade
Jon Hyde – 134 runs away from 4500 in A Grade
Lucky Perera – 13 runs away from 1500 in A grade
Luke Whitten – 134 runs away from 1000 in A Grade
A Reserve
Jim Campbell 282 runs from 2000 runs in A Reserve
Simon Godfrey – 162 runs from 1000 in A Reserve
Adam McNamara – 68 runs from 500 in A Reserve
B Grade
Dane Hansted – 115 runs from 2000 in B grade
Denis Gillman – 131 runs from 1500 in B Grade
Robert Green – 164 runs from 1500 in B Grade
C Grade
Gary Elliott – 118 runs from 6000 in C Grade
Trev Anderson – 100 runs from 1000 in C Grade
Stay tuned over the coming days for Bowling, fielding and appearance stats